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Therapeutic Paraffin Wax Treatments


Clients relax in a private room, on a comfortable table with support cushions and blanket.  Lights are dimmed & a quiet timer is set for a 20 minute treatment.


Paraffin Treatment Fee Schedule

Individual Treatments


  • 1 Treatment area-                 $20
  • 2 treatment areas-                $25
  • 3 treatment areas-                $30
  • 4 treatment areas-                $35


Treatment Packages


  • Package of 6 (six treatments of one area)-   $110

        Savings of $10 over individual treatments


  • Package of 6 (six treatments of two areas)-   $120

         Savings of $30 over individual treatments


  • Package of 6 (six treatments of four areas)-   $180

         Savings of $40 over individual treatments


Benefits of Paraffin Treatment

to Hands, Feet, & Elbows


A paraffin treatment is more than just a luxurious addition to a manicure.   A paraffin treatment can feel like just a luxurious splurge at the spa, but the truth is, it can be more than just an add-on to a manicure or pedicure. A wax bath has many wonderful benefits for both your skin and your overall health. Paraffin wax has a long history for treating all kinds of ailments naturally and it is still beneficial today.


How paraffin treatment works

Paraffin treatments for hands, feet, and elbows are offered at physical therapy centers and wellness spas. Your hands, feet, or elbows will be dipped several times quickly into a small tub of heated paraffin wax.

After several layers are added, the wax will be covered plastic wrap and towels.  The wax will trap the heat against your skin as it hardens, opening the pores.  After 20 minutes, the wax is completely cooled it will be pulled away, taking dead skin cells along with it.


Therapeutic benefits of paraffin treatment

In addition to soothing and healing the skin, paraffin treatments have many therapeutic benefits for ailments as well. Paraffin wax has been shown to treat conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia among others. A wax treatment acts as a type of thermotherapy, or heat therapy, that helps treat these conditions by increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and reducing stiffness in joints. It can also help with minimizing muscle spasms and inflammation, and to treat sprains and strained muscles.  Paraffin wax therapy can be particularly effective for those suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Regular paraffin treatments can help relax joints and relieve pain before physical therapy and exercise. A wax bath can also aid in healing problems with the skin. Paraffin wax can be effective in soothing and softening calluses on hands and feet and healing dry cracked skin, especially on heels.

Cosmetic benefits of paraffin treatment

Whether you are looking to maintain your healthy skin or heal dry and cracked hands and feet, the cosmetic and healing benefits of a paraffin treatment are numerous. The opening of pores and removal of dead skin cells will rejuvenate the appearance of your skin and make your hands and feet feel silky and smooth.

Paraffin is a natural emollient so it adds moisture to the skin while the wax is applied.  It also helps maintain moisture in your skin long after the treatment is complete. A paraffin treatment also creates a sort of barrier on your skin that helps retain the oils that your body naturally produces.

How often should paraffin treatments be done

Depending on your condition, the Healthcare Practitioner will recommend a treatment schedule to address your specific needs.   

Please- no sharing of packages or splitting package treatments into more than 6 treatments.



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